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Freediving is often referred to as extreme snorkelling, however is really just the breath-hold part of snorkelling. It is a sport that is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds, as minimal equipment is required; you just need water and a little willpower.
Here at Freedivers we offer:

  • For newcomers to learn snorkel safely and with confidence
  • For Spearos improve your bottom times
  • For Athletes train your body to conserve oxygen

And be coached by one of the worlds best - Kathryn Nevatt
Freediving is also a competitive sport. Competitive freedivers test the limits of their abilities in events based on time and distance in the pool and depth in open water. The world’s best are diving to depths greater than 120m and have static breath holds up to 11 minutes.

Freedivers is based in the stunning Queenstown Lakes District, in the deep south of New Zealand.

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